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So you can embody your most magical life with your spirit + soul at the center...

Soul Origin + Past Life Reading: Your soul has lived countless lifetimes and potentially has an origin that is out of this world! This natal chart reading will explore where your soul originated as well as some of your most significant past lives. Includes starseed reading as well!.


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Astrology  Readings

Manifesting Magic Reading: Are you ready to manifest your dreams? By exploring your natal chart we will uncover which celestial energies your soul is connected to and can collaborate with when manifesting or practicing magic. We will also dive into past life mastery of magical gifts that you still have access to today.

Shadow Work Reading: This natal chart reading is for anyone looking to dive deep into past life wounds as well as any karma that may need to be addressed in this current lifetime. We will discuss in depth the shadow aspects within your natal chart that are looking to be integrated in this lifetime as well as discuss a path of how to integrate.