spirit + soul studio

a modern learning + healing  space for your soul

Do you feel overwhelmed with starting your spiritual journey? Are you sick of enrolling in 10 different programs at once to nourish all the needs of your soul? The days of endless searching on Social Media are OVER!

You feel like there's something missing along your life's journey...

You long for a heart centered community who are Spiritually Inspired....

You've taken countless hours of classes + courses with no real inner transformation....

But nothing seems to be working...

But you're ready to create a life that is aligned, magical and the fullest expression of YOU.

You need:

Spiritual Tools designed for your Unique Needs

Solid Mentorship + Accountability

Community Care 

Space to express your True Essence

being fully resourced balanced + grounded.

Imagine having 24/7 support of world class teachers, healers and a global community of spiritually inspired people on the same Journey.

Imagine creating a life that has your spirit + soul in the driver's seat.

How would your life change? How would your relationships change? How would your self-care practices change? How would your career path change?

Your most magical life is just a click away.

Imagine for a moment... 


Up level your spiritual connection, today!

Get instant access to our in-person + virtual studio with worldwide teachers + healers, worldwide community, beautifully curated metaphysical based products, and spiritual based classes to help you tap into your soul!

Soulful Movement

 These classes are about spiritual movement to move energy in the body.  Tap into a transformative mind, body and soul connection!

yoga. dance.
spiritual movement.

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Our Signature Classes 

Mindfulness + Spiritual Tools

Meditation, mindfulness courses, spiritual discussions/classes, living your best life, crystals, readings, healings, etc.

goddess circles.
new moon circles.
astrology. metaphysical education.

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Soul Journey

Classes about the soul's journey, shadow work, living from the heart, and so much more!

intuition development. soul coaching + empowerment.

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Pricing + Structure 

Choose your own spiritual adventure

the spirit

4 Spirit + Soul Classes per Month

$49 month
with replays

the soul

 Unlimited Spirit + Soul Classes

$99 Month
with replays

the wanderer

Drop In Only

$25 per class
with replay

Client Love


"Learning how to manifest was something I learned in this Studio! I was taught the method and it was up to me to make it happen. The next day I manifested my dream car!"

"This Program showed me that with the right support, sisterhood and mentorship, you can live the life you were always meant to live!"

"I have loved diving in and learning! The resources are boundless. This Program has has given me renewed hope and love of life!"