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relax, restore + renew your energy.


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So you can embody your most magical life with your spirit + soul at the center...

Energetic Healings that use Reiki (universal life force energy), Angel Energy, and Crystals to promote peace and restore balance to the body and energy system where you need it.


In person + Virtual

Energetic Cord Cutting + Releasing to help you move forward and release binding situations from others energy field and ultimately their emotional body so you can experience true freedom in your life and relationships. 

Ancestral Healing Sessions so you may receive healing, energetic attunement, and any guidance/messages from the Divine, Your Ancestors, and/or Guides. 


with Tiffany


with Kristine

Heal your Spirit + Soul.



Shamanic Healing to help you balance your energy, connect to your animal guides and deepen into healing your mind, body, and soul.

Shadow Work healing sessions to discover deeper layers of healing to unlock your true power and potential.

Energetic healing is so important to our body's energy field. Our chakras need to be balanced and cleansed in order to function properly. When our energy is off, so is our body, emotions, and mood.

All of our reiki practitioners will help you promote peace and restore balance to the body and energy system where you need it. explore our in person and virtual healing sessions and book yours today!

If you feel blocked or weighed down by a person, people, or a past situation in your life and cannot find a way to release that energy, Tiffany can help.

 With countless cord cuttings and cord washing ceremonies effectively completed, Tiffany has helped people move forward and release these binding situations from their energy field and ultimately their emotional body.

If this is ringing true for you, then let's work together to release those weights and still maintain healthy relationships in your life.

As a shamanic practitioner, Kristine works to help you balance your energetic field, and ultimately help you treat ailments and illness by working to mend the soul and aide in alleviating your traumas. In Shamanism, known to be the oldest spiritual path, illness is seen as a lack of power because it was lost somewhere in a person’s life. Unhealed trauma in the body is the root cause for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. In order to heal, shamanic work helps return your power to you. 

Have you ever been curious about Shadow Work? Are you ready to release deep unconscious patterns that hold you back in life?

Join one of our practitioners for a powerful 1:1 experience where you will dive deep into the different parts you keep hidden and that keep you hidden. Releasing and bringing love to your shadow helps to lighten the heart space so you aren't weighed down by things you're not meant to carry. In this session you will see that it's ok to let go and that your shadow doesn't define you.