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Group Coaching Programs

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So you can embody your most magical life with your spirit + soul at the center with the accountability of our community cheering you on every step of the way.

Soul + Manifesting Group Coaching to help you embody intentional living and learn to work with Universal laws and your own magick, so you can manifest your dream life.


with Tiffany

Shadow and Soul Group Coaching to help you work through the things that are in your shadow and shine light on them, learn effective ways to release what is no longer serving you, and step into your power. 


with Tiffany

This is for graduates of Accelerated Manifesting ONLY! You asked for it and we are delivering. This MONTHLY membership is to support and continue the manifesting journey that we started in Accelerated Manifesting. Once a month we will meet virtually and in person to hold each other accountable, learn more manifesting techniques, and cheer each other on.  

Feeling stuck? Can’t figure out what’s holding you back or how to move forward? Know that there is something more for your life but can’t find a way out of your current situation?

We cannot soar in our life if we are weighed down by all the junk we haven’t worked through. That’s the point though…you are feeling stuck because you haven’t worked through the things that hold you back. You’ve just accepted them as a part of who you are. But that’s not who you are.

Once you let go, you can truly let flow. The Universe wants to give you your dreams that you’re manifesting, but YOU my friend are blocking it. So let’s learn how to work with the Universe to let go, grow and flow.