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manifest your best life by unlocking your soulful potential


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So you can embody your most magical life with your spirit + soul at the center...

Soul + Manifesting Coaching to help you embody intentional living and learn to work with Universal laws and your own magick, so you can manifest your dream life


with Tiffany

Find Your Purpose Session(s) so you can dive deep into what you've been feeling and explore how you can begin to listen to your soul, and how you can find your purpose(s) for this lifetime. 

Communication Coaching + Throat Chakra Strengthening Session(s) so you can identify your own limiting beliefs, fixed mindset, and subconscious patterns of behavior and programing that are preventing you from speaking your authentic truth.


with Tiffany


with Kristine


with Gabby

If you're ready to listen to the callings of your soul and learn more about spirituality and manifesting in a really deep and personal way, 1:1 mentorship is the way to go. We will go on a journey together, you as the journeyer and me as a guide. We will heal, work through shadows, work with your soul, and learn what feels right and good to you in your spiritual practice.  

Through intentional living and learning to work with Universal laws and your own magick, you will begin to manifest your dream life. Soul work and manifesting go hand-in-hand. Our goal here on Earth is live our best, most fully expressed life..so let's get to it!

With this private coaching, you will be signed up for one, 90-minute, monthly coaching session either in person or virtual depending on timing, space, and proximity to Long Island. Includes Unlimited Voxer support (like texting and voice notes) throughout the month. This payment will renew automatically. 

Your soul is calling - it’s time to answer.

Explore the callings of your soul in this 90-minute session with Tiffany. In this session, we will dive deep into what you've been feeling and explore how you can begin to listen to your soul....how you can find your purpose(s).

This session will give you a great deal of insight into your next steps spiritually and how to begin to listen to your heart instead of your ego. In a modern, masculine, fast-moving world, listening to your divine nature can feel unnatural - but you are designed to live in harmony with the universe.

Your experience with spirituality is completely unique. Let’s find your truest expression together. 

 Our inner child still longs to be seen, heard and understood in adulthood. Effective communication is fundamental in helping you meet those desires, and it is a transformational way to help you foster successful relationships in your life - both personal and professional.

 Clear and direct communication helps you establish and reinforce healthy boundaries for yourself, and with others. Filling your toolbox with the proper communication tools, setting healthy boundaries, educating yourself, and healing, are all key to you being able to speak your truth authentically and transparently, and live a life filled with purpose and peace.  

Experience Gabby’s transformative 1:1 Manifesting Mentorship experience! For 4 weeks, you will get one weekly hour long mentoring session, recorded and replays sent to you.

Experience customized meditations, journal prompts, and Law of Attraction practices based on your unique needs and desires. Gabby will also do a free 30 minute consult call with you to complete her energetic intake with you and answer any questions.